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We are excited to announce that Physio in the City is now part of Capital Physio, the UK's fastest growing private physiotherapy group.

Physio in the City clients will continue to receive the same high standards of care from our lovely therapists but will now benefit from Capital Physio's expansive network of clinics that can be found across the capital.

To find out more, visit or have a chat with our client care team on 033 0333 0435.

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Valerie Osband

I just wanted to email to thank both Greg (for Physio) and Mark (for sports massage) for really great sessions! I completed my first Ironman race on Sunday, won my age group, and have qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii in October!

I am sure I will be back in to Physio in the City over the next months until then, but thought would let you know so you can thank them directly!

Kind Regards,


Valerie winning her age group in her first Iron man race, and she has qualified for the Iron Man World Championships in Hawai in October 2017.

Tony Dean

Delightful receptionists, knowledgeable and caring physios: a reward[regarding patient service award] richly deserved. Every treatment is a good experience.


Please give my thanks to Sandra and the rest of the team at Physio in the City. I was experiencing severe muscle pain and had difficulty walking, but following two sessions with Sandra I feel 100%.

Alain Cauchi

Sophie has a very sympathetic and empathetic nature and using her extensive knowledge works well with you to determine the injury cause so that she can develop the right treatment and rehab program for you. My injuries were calf and hamstring related brought on by short hip flexors and weak glutes.

After some initial treatments which involved massage and acupuncture we spent less time on the treatment table and more time concentrating on developing the right conditioning techniques to gain strength in the weak areas. These weaknesses consequently turned into strengths to prevent me re injuring myself and successfully being able to run confidently. I am so thankful that I had Sophie as my Physio, who was able to give the right treatment and advice to get me through this.

Jack Rees

Fiona Pyrke has been absolutely amazing, ever since I hobbled in with a hideously painful metatarsal injury from sprinting and a very uncomfortable TMJ ache in my ear, neck and jaw that ran all the way to my middle back.

She has the benefit of using ultrasound, acupuncture, massage and is impeccably professional, courteous and insightful. Fiona is very knowledgeable it’s so helpful and comforting to have her explain medically what is wrong with me (a lot!). Both my injuries have improved immeasurably due to her expertise and care – including the provision of home exercises to alleviate the discomfort and aid healing - whilst her happy and positive manner is just the tonic when you feel like you are falling to bits – and she has proven more than capable of putting me back together again!

Jack Rees

Having struggled a year with a painful sprinting injury that felt like a hot nail was being driven through my foot, such that it was painful to walk – let alone run, it was with utter JOY that Jack Lidyard presented me with bespoke orthotics to use in my shoes. The relief was immediate and decisive. Not only had he recognized my pronation, he realized that my gait was wrong – I was walking like a Neanderthal, possibly due to years of rugby injuries and the latest sprinting malaise. Thanks to Jack’s brilliant acumen, his shoe inners have been tailored to my feet in such a way that he is training me to walk like a Homo Sapiens and not some Neolithic caveman.

He is also one of the most genuinely sincere, down to earth and descent gentlemen I’ve had the fortune of using a hair dryer and state of the art materials, to make a mold of my feet with.

Don Welsh

Thank you Ni'ia Hothersall for your fine treatment and good advice. Your Practice is good to visit, very friendly staff with a good buzz which is appreciated. I have been lucky to have run for many years and know the value of good treatment when injured.

Monika Newton

I completed the Margate Half this morning and came out 6th out of 130 women (overall position 38 out of 400). Thank you so much to Greg Savides for your help and more importantly fixing my knee! p.s. You never know with a bit of luck and plenty of hard work I may get to the top 3 one day :)

Carol Thomson

Two great sessions with Greg Savides last Friday for my 2 teenagers. Loads of advice and things to think about! Brilliant, so glad I brought them. I'd recomment this to anyone.


Brilliant assessment by David @PhysiointheCity yesterday. Highly recommend.

I wanted to write and thank two wonderful members of staff at the City location. I came in with a leg injury just over a month ago and after an assessment by the brilliant David I had a three week course of treatment with Mike. Thanks to these guys I just ran the Philadelphia half marathon I was training for with a PB time of 1hr 57mins. Please pass on a huge thank you to the guys for all their help, couldn't have done it without them.

I will recommend Physio in the City unreservedly for excellent customer service, brilliant front of house staff and physio's who really care about their patients.


Second time I've seen a @PhysiointheCity physio - fantastic knowledge, thanks so much to Eve today for helping fix my foot! #Recommended

Nathan M

I have been seeing Alex Iavu regularly now for almost a year and have found him to be an excellent massage therapist. Before I started seeing Alex I had some trouble with my achilles which he helped me with, since then I have been injury free which is a testament to his skill, especially given my Ironman training volumes. Alex is able to determine areas of potential trouble when he sees you, and work on them to stop them from becoming bigger problems, this is all you can ask for when having massage treatment. I highly recommend Alex!


Jonathan R

I have been seeing Greg Savides for almost ten years now for numerous different injuries, big and small. There is a simple reason why I have always returned to see him, he is an outstanding physiotherapist and and genuinely lovely person, who understands how the body works. He has repeatedly helped me recover from sporting injuries (mainly rugby and snowboarding) and is so pragmatic and empathetic about recovery, making the whole process that much easier. I have recommended anyone who will listen on to see him and unsurprisingly, they all say the same thing. Thank you for always fixing me.


J Curtis

It's been 3 years since Julie Gear and Greg Savides helped me with my lower disc/sciatica problem and I'm pleased to say I'm still 100% fit. I'm prudent in what I'm doing and exercising regularly. Thanks again!


Simon Linwood

After a serious shoulder injury and surgery I have been seeing Esther Rodrigo for a few months and can honestly say she is an amazing physio. All I need to do is give her an indication as to where the pain, discomfort or movement issue is and in only a few minutes Esther isolates the problem and gets to work on fixing it. I am not the only one who is very happy with my progress, my consultant is also extremely impressed and really appreciates Esther writing to him and keeping him updated with my progress. Thank you Esther.


Dr Irina Volkonskaia - Consultant Forensic  Psychiatrist

I have been attending Sarae Pratt’s Pilates class in Physio in the City for more than three years and consider it enormously beneficial for my health.  I was surprised by what I achieved within the first months and noticed that my shape, posture and walk changed for the better when I built up my core strength while my muscles became leaner.

Sarae’a classes are well planned and flowing; however she manages to pay attention to our specific individual needs. In addition to her deep knowledge of Pilate’s technique, which she regularly updates on, she has great people skills and an amazing ability to make students work hard as well as enjoy the class. She has helped me to stay motivated for years.

I would definitely recommend her classes to people who are looking for effective ways to release the tension of a working week and get rid of acute and chronic skeletomuscular pain.


Mark Smith – head of corporate finance, major media company

A strong endorsement for Deborah Jones and her shiatsu treatments – having worked with Deborah since 2007, there has been a significant improvement in my overall flexibility and relaxation. Her treatments mix traditional shiatsu with stretching, focusing on releasing muscle tightness and appropriate breathing.

As a competitive runner with a desk job and a new baby girl at home, working with Deborah has contributed to improved half marathon times, greater comfort at work, an easier time picking up and holding my daughter and better sleep.I recommend her highly.


D Speciale

Esther Rodrigo is an excellent Physio. She has helped me recover following a knee operation, fixed a rotator cuff issue and sorted out my back over the last couple of years. I would not hesitate to recommend Esther to anyone



I would like to thank Fraser Littlejohn for all his support to date for my condition. He is highly professional, knowledgeable and personable, and has made a difficult period in my life easier. I have already recommended him to friends and colleagues as I know they will benefit from his skills as much as I have.


J B Cockburn

I have found in Luke Kellaway a physio not only able to relieve my growing discomfort in an arthritic knee, and restoring the muscles to power in one or two visits - but also a most kind and sympathetic ear and understanding of my general state of health and the effects thereof. 

He patiently listens to my concerns and turns them into prescribed treatment and relief- a remarkably brilliant physio, in two short visits he has released the pain and improved my back beyond recognition. I now stand up properly again. 

I can now, thanks to his care and treatment, get upstairs and in and out of taxis without too much trouble.  I feel invigorated and renewed and cannot thank Luke enough for this, It is all due to his wonderful assessment and care of me, which I am pleased to say continues. He is indeed a rare find and exceptionally gifted physio - I would without hesitation recommend anyone to him.


Brett O

I have been a regular client of Mark Edmonds for over a year. I have sporadically had back issues due to both too much desk time at work as well as weak core muscles. What I have found is that by combining core training as well as massage and chiropractic, I have been able to avoid more frequent flare ups of back pain.
Mark continues to be instrumental in ensuring that I remain as limber as possible, helping to relief muscle stiffness and fatigue.


Jude Holland

After trying a range of treatments for insomnia (prescription and over the counter pills, homeopathy, herbal remedies) I decided to try acupuncture. I knew other people who'd had success with other problems (migraines, infertility and digestion ) and began to look for a practitioner. 

I saw that it was offered at the Seymour clinic,  booked an appointment and took to Mei Cheung's calm manner at once.  Over a period of  three or four months I had a series of first weekly,  then fortnighty sessions, which included diet and life-style reviews (and changes) as well as treatment, and am relieved and delighted to say that I once again sleep well. I now go in for regular 'top - ups' and hightly recommend Mei Cheung as a practitioner.


B Rose

I was very impressed with Julie Gear's treatment today. She was extremely knowledgeable, to the point, personable, and very professional.


SF - Software Consultant

I've been seeing Deborah Jones for years. She has an excellent touch and really cares about the whole person. She really knows her stuff and is always looking for new ideas.


Claire T

They say 'no pain, no gain'! Following a bout of severe hip and leg pain, I attended several Sports Massage sessions with Petr Dobes at physio in the city.

Although the massage has been painful at times, the benefit afterwards was worth it. My musles are relaxing and the pain in my hip and leg is decreasing. I now have far better mobility than before I started with Petr.


Lady J Hardwick

I am so happy with the marvellous diagnosis and treatment for my various problems - from Luke Kellaway. I have searched for so long and given up practically hope of finding a physio who could really help me, he stands alone as a remarkably gifted and brilliant diagnostic and 'hands on' treater of my problems - which are multiple.  I cannot praise him too highly for all he has achieved and will achieve for me in a short time- I trust him absolutely to get me through and keep me through the awful problems into a better future.


A Armstrong

Since I have upped my running training from a few gentle jogs a week to some sustained programmes and race training I have found the treatments from Mark Edmonds to be invaluable. Not only is the sports massage completely necessary in the recovery, and I can feel a measurable difference between sessions if I miss a treatment, but I get to spend time talking to an expert runner which is as good as having a running coach. All the 2012 achievements and PB’s I had in 2012 over 10k and Marathon were a result of proper training which included a combination of top quality massage treatments and brilliant advice from Mark.


L Berkowitz

I love Sarae Pratt’s and her pilates class! I was referred by a physiotherapist to pilates for post-natal exercise and was dreading it - I had taken large gym pilates classes before and found that I wasn't able to understand what the teacher was explaining and wasn't getting the most out of the exercises which struck me as boring and confusing. But then I was lucky enough to find Sarae's class which is small with loads of personal attention. She really knows how to explain the concepts - I finally found my core! Plus she has a great sense of humor and makes the classes fun.


Ann H

I have been seeing Deborah Jones for the last three years for Shiatsu. She has helped me tremendously by mobilising various stiff joints and an extremely tense back and shoulders (which followed an old injury and high stress levels). She has helped to de-stress and calm me by teaching me to breathe correctly, while her healing hands have stretched out my body, releasing tension.

I have no hesitation in recommending Deborah - she has worked wonders for me.’



Feedback from our customer satisfaction surveys


“My therapist, was absolutely outstanding. I received excellent care and I will definitely recommend her to others


"I think Esther is great! She's the best physio I have ever had, and I have seen many of them in the past"


"I had multi-directional labrum surgery on my left shoulder, requiring roughly half a year of physio, three times per week. My physiotherapist, at physio in the city - Canary Wharf was top notch; he was very professional, explained all of my treatments in detail, and strongly cared about my recovery. Additionally, he was always on time, kept the physio room in a clean and orderly condition, and always had a friendly attitude. I have since made a full recovery thanks to his help and would recommend him to any friends or family"


 “My therapist was fantastic! I was in enormous pain before seeing her and her therapy and advice helped me 100%. She's awesome!”


 “I always received good service from all departments”


"I would like just to say that I was extremely happy with all the personal at the City clinic, everyone was very helpful and attentive and a special thank you to my physio therapist, Rachael Smith who has got my back, back on track to a full recovery"


“I felt very 'looked after' throughout the whole experience - thank you”


Esther Rodrigo is fantastic,  very knowledgeable, very skilled,  very effective and very friendly too!”


“Great service - Physio in the city is a bit out of my way but I always trust the practitioners there and wouldn't go anywhere else. My husband also goes here for treatment from my recommendation”


“Both my physiotherapist and massage therapist are outstanding in their respective fields, interestingly the sports massage was much more effective than I thought it would be!”


 “I'm very satisfied by the service I receive from my physiotherapist. She is obviously expert in her profession but more importantly understands my needs and requirements and tailors the treatment to that”


“my therapist has made a huge difference to my neck issues which have been giving me headaches for the last years which no other massage therapist, osteopath or physiotherapist could help with! Much appreciated”


“Keep up the good work!”


“I have seen several physiotherapist at physio in the city and always have a thorough and thoughtful diagnosis from them, which is why I go out of my way to visit your clinics”


"I had a very good experience and would certainly recommend it if anyone else needs a similar treatment"





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