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LOOK AFTER YOUR SELF IN THE OFFICE - Work Stations and Office Ergonomics .

Consider how you and those around you are sitting as you read this

city backs

Have you experienced neck, arm or backache while at work? Do you think it may be caused by the way you are sitting and working?

You may have been provided with a good chair and office furniture even had a workstation assessment and setup, but have you been provided with the training and understanding to help you mange you and your posture at work?

CityBacks is a physiotherapy led ergonomic posture management presentation aimed at providing a strategy for office based staff to control their everyday work posture.

CityBacks is a 1 hour training presentation conducted at your place of work.

We provide education, motivation and practical solutions to help prevent posture related pain in the office.

Our Aim

  • Increase awareness of your current postural habits
  • Help you identify problematic activities
  • To provide you with practical information, ideas and solutions
  • Provide you with a strategy to control your posture and work habits
  • To provide a cost and time effective solution to work related pain

The knowledge and skills you acquire from this presentation will enable you to make a change in your postural behaviour immediately. By doing this you will help reduce the stress on your body and thereby reduce the risk ofpain, discomfort and injury caused by spending long hours at your desk

Health & Safety

The objective of the Health and Safety (display screen equipment) Regulation, 1992 (as amended 2002), is to minimise the risk of occupational ill-health. In order to comply, employers are required to provide:

  • Suitable workstations
  • Workstation assessment
  • Adequate training and information

Employers spend considerable sums of money in providing individual workplace assessments, ergonomic furniture and equipment to ensure the wellbeing of their staff. We recognise these as positive steps; unfortunately it is our experience that very few clients we treat have received suitable ergonomic education and training.

We believe it is important for organisations to invest in their employees' ergonomic skills and knowledge in order to help prevent work related postural injuries.

As physiotherapists based in London, we are aware of the impact work related injury has not only on the individual but also on the organisation they work for. It is important for all concerned to be involved in the health and wellbeing of the business partnership.

Our programme will help facilitate this partnership by assisting the organisation in fulfilling its duty of care towards its employees but also by providing the employee with the insight and skills to take responsibility and better care for themselves, thereby reducing the risk of injury, pain and suffering.

Remember: no matter how good or expensive the chair, if one does not use it correctly - it is of little benefit.

Postural Dysfunction

Picture a set of scales: On one side is positive postural behaviour, on the other are the negative daily habits and stresses. When the scales are evenly balanced we are hopefully living a pain free life. However, too much negative behaviour and the scales will tip towards dysfunction and pain. To correct this we have to increase the amount of positive behaviour and reduce the poor.

There are no short cuts in dealing with work related pain. There is no magical "on/off " switch. Changes need to be made to all aspects of life in order to correct the dysfunction. These changes then have to be applied frequently to maintain the improvement.

Education is the key to postural rehabilitation.

Many of the clients seen at physiotherapy have good ergonomic equipment, many have had workspace assessments but very few have had any training in how to take care of themselves.

It is by understanding the body and the stresses placed upon it that allows us to make positive changes in behaviour and thought. We have to alter our unconscious poor habits and through conscious awareness ensure we adopt better behaviour.

About Us

CityBacks was established in response to the realisation that many of the clients seen at physio in the city are unaware of their postural behaviour and the impact it is having on their lives.

The Citybacks workshop is run by Greg Savides, a Chartered Physiotherapist at physio in the City based in the City of London.

Much of his time is spent assessing and rehabilitating clients with work related pain and postural dysfunction. He constantly strives to rehabilitate his clients to help them avoid recurrence of these very preventable conditions.

It is his belief that more needs to be done to educate the office based workforce on how to better manage themselves throughout the day.

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If you or your colleagues would like to know more about CityBacks and what we can do to help you then please contact us at our City clinic.

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